Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Off grid and on, big and small, we make it easy.

Off grid and on, big and small, we make it easy.

It is not only affordable to use renewable power for your off-grid cabin, lodge, RV, or boat… it can save you money.
Renewable Energy Systems' complete solar and wind cabin kits start under $2000, making it easy and affordable to power your outdoor lifestyle. Great for DIY-ers! Our pre-engineered and preassembled systems are designed in several sizes to match your load requirements, using only durable, well made, compatible components that will provide years of reliable energy production in our unique Alaska environment. We can customize to your site and energy needs. RV systems start at only $559.

We'll share our best tips and tricks, or you can have our experts do the work for you. RES provides ongoing support and service, and offers free classes and technical training throughout the year to help you get the best performance and life from your system.

Get energy for your wild Alaska life. Now is the perfect time! Take advantage of the current 30% Federal tax credit.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Eddie's tip of the week: New Solar controllers technology! Improve your annual output by more than 50%!

Eddie's tip of the week: New Solar controllers that use MPPT technology can improve your annual output by more than 50% in most cases, even more in the winter months.

We have several flavors in stock, we can help you pick the best one for your system. MPPT(maximum power point tracking) allows you to get much more out of your solar panels whether they are brand new or 30 years old. Most have digital displays that log how much power your solar produces, allow you to change your battery charge set points, and also use temperature compensation for much better charging(unless your battery bank is always at 77deg F). Give us a call (907) 458-8000 or visit us online at for more information on how we can maximize your solar output.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Eddie's Tip of the week: Now is a great time to take a minute and check your cars battery and connections.

Eddie's Tip of the week: Now is a great time to take a minute and check your cars battery and connections.

SAFETY FIRST: Wear eye and hand protection, never work directly over a battery, never use an open flame around a battery, and dispose of your old battery properly(RES offers free recycling of any lead acid battery).

Loose connections are the most common cause of poor starting and will lead to premature battery failure. Battery connections need to be tight and clean, the battery terminal should be nice and shiny before you tighten your cable clamp to the battery. Corrosion can be prevented with petroleum jelly/anti-corrosion spray applied after the connections are tight. Using hot water and baking soda make it easy to clean your terminals of all that fuzzy corrosion and is better than a brush that will send corrosion flying everywhere(and it tastes terrible). Check the fluid level in your battery, do not fill it above the collar of the battery(about 3/4" from the top of the battery). Over-watering can cause electrolyte to spill all over and create a mess and reduce the battery service life. I recommend installing a trickle charger instead of a battery blanket or pad. Battery blankets and pads wear out quickly, can cause a fire, and are not regulated. Install a automatic trickle charger instead, it keeps your battery warm, full, and shuts off when not needed saving you money during the winter. Perform this maintenance once a year and you will save yourself Money and save yourself or others from getting stranded this winter. 

RES can do all of this for you at our store. We have trained technicians, a heated shop, and can get you in and out very quickly. We also replace worn cable ends, build custom cables, and provide and install the best arctic grade batteries in the state. Come in or call us. 1698 Airport way/ 458-8000/

Friday, February 6, 2015

Eddies Tip of the week: Install Circuit breakers or fuses on every circuit in your system.

Eddies Tip of the week: Install Circuit breakers or fuses on every circuit in your system.

 Many do not realize that a breaker is not in place to protect your appliances, TV, or computer. A breaker is in place to prevent your electrical wires from overheating, melting or possibly combustion. A Circuit breaker is sized for the WIRE in that circuit, this protects your home, cabin, or other electrical system from potential damage, or worse FIRE. For example your solar controller has wire feeding it from your PV modules and it has wire leaving going to the battery bank. Often people miss this: you should have a breaker on both sides of your Solar/Hydro/Wind controller to protect both the input and output. You should have a breaker for your inverter, you should have a breaker for you Generator. You should have a breaker or fuse on every circuit that is installed on your system. Do not attempt to use a A/C breaker for a D/C circuit unless it is rated for it, very few breakers have dual ratings, most are specific to either A/C or D/C. Remember to use the correct size wire for your loads as well. Give us a call to help you decide what you should be using to protect your investment, property, and self. Be safe out there.