Monday, January 20, 2020

The new Canadian Solar 325 panel is here for 2020 with great reviews, efficiency, and warranty

. It works well in snow and shaded conditions which make it perfect for the Alaskan environment. The split cell technology provides for better shade mitigation and an impressive return on investment. Check out this article for more information. Canadian Solar is a great choice for both residential and commercial solar systems due to their high efficiency, mid-range price point and reliability. With the number of solar panel options available, you are also sure to find a solar panel to fit special installation conditions. The 7 year ROI period noted on our example system is impressive, and power generation after this initial time-frame gives an 18 year window to effectively save on future energy use. Canadian Solar comes in at a higher price point than Longi Solar, but makes up for this increase with higher efficiency ratings. Which solar module you choose will ultimately depend on your budget and site conditions. Their ROI period of 10 year product and 25 year performance is industry standard, and guarantees an impressive 80.7% output at the end of 25 years. This output is met for some Mission Solar modules series, and exceeded in others (80.2% for Mission Solar P-type mono panels). In closing, Canadian Solar is a great option for those seeking to go solar on a budget without sacrificing quality. Their warranty period, number of options, and overall efficiency ratings makes them stand out when compared to similar modules in their price range. In addition, Canadian Solar's technology has advanced rapidly over the last few years, yielding over 1% increases in efficiency in a relatively short period of time.