Sunday, September 13, 2020

Why Go Lithium for your Solar and Power Battery Needs?

Lithium batteries drastically longer cycle life over a lead-acid, 4-5x service life over lead-acid.  This means you would get 5-7 years out of a lead-acid battery but would get 20 yrs out of lithium (keeping all other factors equal).

  • Improved charge technology, halve your generator run

  • time, reap the fuel savings!

  • No maintenance, no fluids, no worries

  • Incredible energy density in a lightweight package

Renewable Energy Systems of Alaska is proud to stock Lithium Batteries for your solar, wind, off-grid, or RV needs at our three Alaskan locations.  Contact us or stop in Anchorage, Wasilla and Fairbanks, AK.

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